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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.15 - 3)

Good evening!

Firstly, Defending Lydia Collier v.0.14 is now available to the public, so if you haven't played the latest update, go and check it out!

This week I've made another 101 renders! I can't really show a preview of these because there would be a massive spoiler as I stopped working on the wedding this week and I've been working 100% on the adult stuff instead. There will be at least one new fetish coming in v.0.15 not currently in the game!

So we're almost 2/5 adult scenes completed for v.0.15 and then just the wedding itself outside of that.

Now here's a load of waffle about the other stuff I've been doing if you're interested.

I've also done some admin stuff that should help a lot going forward. Previously with Bug Reports I've been receiving them, trying to fix them, and sometimes I then get a load more and get confused as to which ones I fixed, which ones I didn't, waste a load of time checking etc. Then sometimes I get the same bug reported again on a different site and I can't remember if I've fixed it or not.

So now all the current bug reports have been inputted into a big spreadsheet I've made with some details, when and where it was reported, and when it was fixed and which update. It means going forward I shouldn't miss any bugs and I'll save a lot of time that at the moment I'm wasting from checking about 6 different websites to try and find the bug, remember if I fixed it etc.

"Why didn't you do this three years ago when you started?", I should have but I'm an amateur with coding and back then I had 2 or 3 people each update messaging me about bugs and it wasn't really that bad. Now I'm getting 50-100, tons of duplicates, tons that are already fixed and then potentially a ton more coming with Steam so this was something that was important to get in place now.

I might make this a read-only Google Sheet instead of Excel sheet actually thinking about it as I write this, that way you could check current bugs and see what's going on with them. Would that be something those of you who report them would like or as long as you know I'm working on it that's fine?

Some other changes, I'm making a "Demo" version of the game and that will replace free releases going forward after Sunday is concluded. Free releases are great for WIP Content, but DLC is drawing to a close and we are approaching the point it won't a WIP game anymore. As I previously mentioned last week, if you're a current supporter you may be eligible for a free key on Steam to own the game forever.

Some people have let me know they can't use Steam or just don't want to, so if you qualify for a Steam Key (see "Steam Release" for more details) you will be able to instead request an key.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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