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Defending Lydia Collier Development Log

Hello everybody!

Here are some more previews for the next update of Defending Lydia Collier, which will be Jenna's update.

So far for Jenna's update I've created an entire day out in London with her on the Sunday, and an adult scene with two 400+ frame animations, and I'm now finishing off the evening when she will either meet Lydia if you choose to introduce them, or stay with her at the character's house overnight if you do not.

I've also created some custom audio for the tube station with platform announcements and sound effects to improve immersion as well for Jenna's day as Ellie's tube journey felt a bit lifeless (and I'll be going back and creating sounds for that in the future too). 

A lot of people have asked for animations, so I'm trying really hard to make these but it takes a long time as I'm not very good at them at all and am having to learn at the same time. I still haven't been able to find anybody to commission to do them, basically every single NSFW Animator I've found just completely ignores my DMs, the majority, or the ones that do reply only wants to work with their own characters or ones ripped from mainstream games. However the two I've made so far myself are both rendered in 4k so they look better, in my opinion, than the earlier ones and I'm getting better and faster with these with each one I make.

I'm going to put everything I've made so far into an Alpha release for testing next week to get some more feedback there and then I'll set an update for the full update depending on what they say.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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