Shadows over Manston

(also know as 'The Manifest')

Shadows over Manston was my first attempt at creating a game or a render.
.It was a project where I started with no skills, and by the time it stopped I was in the position to create Defending Lydia Collier and continue the updates to the standard I do now.
It follows a corrupt Police Officer in the fictional town of Manston, sent during recovery to a pre-college prep school for 18+ Students who failed their last year of High School. You have several paths to choose from, deciding if you want to be a redeemed faithful husband or an adulterer trying to seduce everybody in town.
Originally known as "The Manifest" but changed due to conflict with another creation of the same name. It is currently incomplete and indefinitetly paused whilst I use the skills learnt in its creation to develop Defending Lydia Collier.
I have updated the story and re-released the game in a more cohesive attempt
You can download this latest version (Retold Part 2) for free here:
PC - Mac - Linux

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