I started video game development, coding and 3D Art all at the same time in February 2018 in order to create my own Visual Novel/Video Game.
I am a one man team working on all aspects of the game from writing, coding and the art myself, alongside being a full time student.
I was inspired to create a game after playing several myself. All of my games are released for free after a short Patreon-exclusive period and all of my funding for assets, software and hardware comes from Patreon donations.
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Defending Lydia Collier

Defending Lydia Collier is a visual novel/game,

where you make choices to determine the story.

It is based in the City of London in the United Kingdom and you play as a lawyer investigating the disappearance of a high-profile businessman after his wife hires you to defend her after becoming the main focus of a Police Investigation.


The game is based on the Renpy Engine, contains violence, swearing and nudity, and you must be 18 or over to play it 

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