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Defending Lydia Collier Development Log and Roadmap!

Hello everybody!

Defending Lydia Collier v.0.15.9 will be released on Saturday 23rd of March!

The v.0.15.9 update will include:

Many bug fixes, including all missing scenes and errors within the gallery being resolved.

An entirely new day focused on Jenna, with a branching evening either alone with the MC or involving Lydia.

Multiple new scenes advancing the story throughout Sunday, what are TITAN looking for and who wants to help you? 

Several new animations featuring Jenna.

New audio files, specifically some custom made audio for the London Underground which will now feature in the game with the newly renovated Thamesview Station reopening by the Player's home.

This will be followed by Defending Lydia Collier v.0.15.10, which will release on Saturday April the 6th.

Defending Lydia Collier v.0.15.10 will add in the final scenes with Ellie's evening with Lydia in the dungeon, and will conclude Sunday's content in terms of renders.

After this I'll be continuing to work on "v.0.16" which will be the coding and social media stuff, this is taking a lot longer than I'd like and whilst I'd like to say this will also be out in April, it needs significant testing before I can set any definitive date.

What's going to happen on Monday in the upcoming updates over the summer, here's some things that will be coming up in the future on Monday within Defending Lydia Collier, potentially some spoilers below!

A particularly sunny September day will see Lydia attempting to host a pool party at her new home, with you, Fleur and Connie the only confirmed guests so far, your choices so far will allow a variety of other girls to be invited, who wouldn't you mind exploring the dungeon or the massage room with? 

Following the new events on Sunday, you'll be meeting a group of people looking to help you out in not just exposing the truth behind the disappearance of Charles Collier, but in resolving it too. Who will you be bringing to back you up?

Lydia's posted some very lucrative roles online to help her run her new home, but she's never conducted an interview before. Can you help her out in finding the best candidate for the first role, her new chef?

Plus much, much more!

Thank you all for your support and your patience over the last couple of months!



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