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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.14 - 12 & Previews)

Hello everybody,

Here is this week's development log for Defending Lydia Collier and an update on how the progress on v.0.14 is going so far.

Firstly, the render count. I've now made 2,016 renders for v.0.14, and have completed another animation. That's an additional 146 renders in the past week.

Unfortunately the last week was plagued with technical difficulties which slowed things down slightly, my RTX 3090 card again started malfunctioning only months after the previous one was replaced under warranty, and despite reporting the fault last Friday evening I only received the warranty replacement this week.

I'm going to be upgrading the Ren'Py version of the game from Ren'Py 7.3.1 to Ren'Py 7.5 with this update as I need some of the newer features, especially for Steam integration. I will try and release the game still on Ren'Py 7.3 for people on Windows XP still, but some of the changes and features will be removed if they only work on the newer version. This shouldn't effect the overwhelming majority of players anyway, but a 7.3 version will still be released for those of you who need it.

With the help of Lady Aspen, a wonderful GFX Designer, I've now got some great promo artwork for the store page of the game on Steam, so I'll be finally submitting the game to approval there when v.0.14 is done.

In terms of when the next update is going to be out, I hope to have the UK part of v.0.14 off to Alpha by the end of next week now.

I'm going to do things slightly differently with v.0.14, as the UK and the non-UK parts are so completely separated, I'm going to release v.0.14 once it is done and tested, and then release Vanessa's part as a separate update in a few weeks.

I'm also planning a separate Lydia update as well, as I've decided to significant extend her content from what was a planned 50-100 render scene, to 3 100-200 render scenes instead.

So this will be the new update format for the planned updates leading up to the end of Defending Lydia Collier.

v.0.14 - All of Sunday's UK based content (Samantha, Emma, Regular Stephanie, Bimbo Stephanie, Lydia, Jenna & Ellie will all have at least one adult scene and several non-adult ones). This will be the game's second biggest ever update.

v.0.15 - The Island Wedding Update - Will be Sunday outside of the UK, focusing on Vanessa, Tiffany & co on the island. This will follow a few weeks after v.0.14 and be approximately 500-1000 renders.

v.0.16 - Lydia's Extended Content - This will take place during the early morning of Monday, but before the start of Monday proper. This will be approximately 300-750 renders long and follow a few weeks after v.0.15.

v.0.17 - Monday - This will be the final major content update for the game, give final scenes to most characters and will follow 1-2 months after v.0.16 and be either the 2nd or 3rd biggest update of the game.

v.0.18 - Tuesday - This will be the conclusion of Defending Lydia Collier, featuring the ending which will be decided by your choices leading up to this point, and then all of the game's endings, there's going to be tons and tons of endings.

v.1 - Polishing - This will be polishing up the game, fixing any and all remaining errors, typos etc, adding in missing scenes and adding achievements and all that kind of thing.

Therefore at this point I'm not planning a BETA Scene this month as I'm hoping v.0.14 will be out before it ends.

Two of this month's characters for the Fantasy Characters have now been made and released, and Fleur's will follow shortly.

In terms of the Menu Vote for v.0.14, with votes from all sites combined Samantha Wickes won, winning with 49 votes and just holding off Bimbo Stephanie who had 43 votes.

So v.0.14 will feature Samantha on its menu, thanks to everybody that took part.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and as soon as v.0.14 is released to the Alpha Testers I'll let you all know!


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