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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.1 Development Log

Hello everybody!

Just an update on how the next update is coming along, and the last couple of weeks I've been focusing on adding in achievements to the game.

I've got all the technical parts of it working now, and I'm getting close to finishing off all the reward images and sending it out for testing.

With Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.1 there will now be an achievements tab where you can view all the achievements, get a brief guide on how to unlock the ones that aren't secret, and as you complete them it will give you an unlockable gallery with each achievement granting you a new image. You can also press the portrait to turn it into a gallery of all the images.

You'll also get an in-game notification letting you know the achievement has been unlocked, and all of these achievements if you've got the game on Steam will mirror with Steam achievements.

As an example I've shown the easiest achievement, completing the first day, and the reward picture you get for it.

There will be 54 Achievements and reward images coming with v.0.16.1.

So far I have completed:

Made all coding for achievements, the gallery, the notifications etc and tested it myself, and made most of the images.

I've edited the early code when the paths branch, so you'll now get some dialogue and warning when an option will exit your current path. No more accidently abandoning Steph by taking Ellie on a date, you'll now be warned!

I've moved the early computer flags into persistent data for ease of replayability. For example, once you've found out where Eve is on one playthrough, you won't have to do it again on future playthroughs. 

You no longer need to place a bet on Day 1, again making replayability smoother.

I've added in some options to work in the evenings if you're doing nothing else, making it possible to complete both the projects without cheating.

Small update with Vanessa and Tiffany moving them back to the UK. This features new adult scenes with Tiffany and Sophie. Vanessa and Tiffany will ALSO have content in v.0.17, this is just to re-unite all the branches together and this isn't their major Monday content. 

I still need to complete:

19 remaining achievements and their images.

Tiffany's phone from the Wedding Night, as many people will be replaying for achievements I want to have this working in this update but its going to need have some coding work done and some more custom images and nudes for Tiffany on there. 

Custom audio for Ellie's hotel night which is currently soundless.

Some different nude images for the most recent night with Helena, Emma and Ellie as the current ones move some of the girls to the wrong location.

Updating the walkthrough to v.0.16.

I should have all the achievements done hopefully by the weekend if not early next week, and then I'll send these out for testing to Alpha testers to make sure they're all working when v.0.16.1 comes around.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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