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Defending Lydia Collier v.09.1 Release!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Good Afternoon!

Here is Defending Lydia Collier v.09.1!

Download Links:

The download underneath is just the scripts, if you have v.09.1 BETA the only changes to v.09.1 are bug fixes, so copying and pasting these into your game folders (and choosing to replace/overwrite all previous versions) SHOULD update the game to v.09.1.

If you have any problems with this please just download v.09.1 fully from the links above. If you do not have v.09.1 BETA you'll be missing images so please download the full thing.

Thank you to everybody who gave me feedback during the Beta stage. As with the BETA, you MUST start a new game if you have saves other than from v.09.1 Alpha/Beta.

Change Log:

v.09.1 BETA to v.09.1:

Fixed multiple bugs that were reported.

Fixed multiple typos that were reported.

Added stat score increases to some text messages.


Adds interactive computers into the game:

News Websites.

Betting Website.

Messaging Platform.

Work Projects.

Evidence Gallery.

Adds mobile phone into the game:

Social Media Platform.

Phone Galleries.

Text Messages.

Two New Scenes in Day 1.

Revamped Interview Scene.

New Images for Jenna and Ellie (check Social Media and the Gallery) as voted for by Patrons.

Brings Steph's slave route up to the same ending as all the others.

Development Notes (from v.09.1 BETA Release):


This update revamps the game's code considerably, and that is why old saves aren't compatible. Whilst it does not extend the game, there's still a fair amount added and if you comb through Whistle, text messages and the news websites you'll be able to find out a lot more about some characters.

Whilst this took a very long time to developed, now it is in place updating the news websites, messages, bets etc for future days will be relatively easy and quite quick to do as opposed to creating the framework and 10 days worth of content in one go as happened here. Some of this content may seem like 'random filler' and to a degree it is, but I feel a news website, messages, tv etc that only showed stories relevant to the path the player is currently on would be unrealistic and that is why it is included.

Thanks for all your support!

I believe with the feedback from Alpha and Beta the game is relatively bug-free, but if they do still occur, please let me know and I'll have them fixed as soon as possible!

The next update will be Defending Lydia Collier v.10.

A huge thanks for all the continued support, and I hope you enjoy the update!

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