Defending Lydia Collier v.09.1.1

Good Evening,

Thank you to everybody who has given me feedback, I've fixed everything I can that I've been made aware of so far.

v.09.1.1 Downloads:

Windows - Mac - Linux

Script Changes Only

"Script Changes Only" contains the amended script files, animation and single image changed in v.09.1.1. It should work by simply copying, pasting and overwriting on v.09.1 or v.09.1 BETA. If there are any issues, please download the full version.

Change Log (v.09.1 to v.09.1.1):

Multiple Bug Fixes.

Replaced Day 10 News article image "Bethany7" with one of the correct size.

Replaced the .mkv animation of Ellie with a higher quality .webm animation.

Thanks for all your continued support!


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