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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16 Development Log - Week 12

Hello everybody!

This week I've been working on Emma's new scenes after finishing Ellie's solo route completely, and Emma's new content is just about done.

Ellie will now have a completely new solo route available on Sunday night, which has more than 200 renders in it and should add significantly to the experience if you choose to stick with her rather than pursuing Lydia as well.

Emma's also getting a new scene which will end up being just over 100 renders and is very nearly done, which will continue on from her already very busy day.

Having worked a fair few weeks in a row on the Wickes' girls, next week up I'm going to be changing things up slightly and working on some completely different models and creating Sophie and Vanessa's scenes.

I'm away at the end of next week and over the weekend, so there won't be a development log next week, however stay tuned for the 31st when there will be several more previews along with the first v.0.16 BETA Scene for those tiers with access to them.

Thanks for all the new and continued support,



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