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White Phantom Games - November Progress Report

White Phantom Games - November Progress Report


I hope you all enjoyed the update of The Manifest: Shadows over Manston.

Since then I've been working on Defending Lydia Collier v.09, and I've currently completed and edited about 250 renders so far, and am about 50% through the dialogue.

This update is going to be released sometime in December before Christmas.

The Manifest's update took a week and a bit longer than planned and Defending Lydia Collier's v.09 is going to be the biggest update yet, so that is the reason for the slightly longer than usual update date. Whilst I could release a 300-odd render update this week, some people would appreciate that, but for some people, they'd have basically no content. So I'm going to complete the day as planned and then release it.

This update's day is going to be considerably longer than all the previous ones have been. The story is picking up massively with this update, and there isn't really going to be much of an opportunity for the MC to sit around and do nothing anymore, this means scenes for the morning, middays and evenings whereas in previous updates this wasn't the case.

Nearly every character is getting an adult scene this update, so nearly all relationship paths are going to continue.

There will be at least one (but for some, more than one) adult scene for:

Ellie, Steph, Vanessa and Jenna.

Overall this means the update is probably going to be 600-700 renders long upon completion, which is about 20-30% more content than the previous largest update, which is why it will take slightly longer as it takes longer for my computer to render the extra scenes and for me to write the extra dialogue.

Going forward, each update is likely to be this size, however as many of the locations I'm creating this update will be already made I'm hoping to regain rendering time on the future updates as the story will revisit these same locations.

Additionally, with some of the funds that I've received from your donations (which I thank you massively for) I've purchased some background audio, and I'll be looking at adding this to the game in a future update once I work out how to do it. My aim is to make things like door knocking and story appropriate sounds can also be implemented at their necessary moments in the future to make the game a bit more immersive. This is something I'm practicing and learning to do, and as it does not take any time away from rendering this will be a random update at some point in the future to solely implement this when I've got it working, and it will just effectively 'bolt-on' to whatever update is out at the moment.

I'm also looking at a GUI upgrade on both games to get away from the default Ren'Py skin in the future, but this is low priority and so far something I'm not particularly good at, and again will be just a small update that adds on to whatever version I am currently at.

The Manifest: Shadows over Manston will also be getting two small updates soon. The first of these will be solely to add the small images of the person speaking that Defending Lydia Collier has, I've got these working now so I just need to render the faces and add it in, this is likely to be December time.

The second update will be a 'text rehaul'. I'm going to go back through the text and fix a lot of the errors, lack of punctuation and prune out and replace irrelevant dialogue that related to storylines I removed with the 'Retold' updates.

All of these smaller updates do not take away from rendering time, so will just come out once I've finished them.

Thanks again for all the continued support, I'm now solely working on this alongside my degree so will be able to keep up the lockdown level of hours I'm putting into it with furlough coming to an end!


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