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White Phantom Games Advent Calendar!

Hey everybody!

Here is the 1st day of the White Phantom Games Advent Calendar.

To save you all a ton of emails I will only be posting this daily on Discord and Twitter, rather than here, and there will be a new door every day. Anybody at the Supporter or higher tiers can also access a NSFW version on Discord! If you're subscribed at £5+ make sure to shoot me a DM there with the email you signed up with and I'll give you the role (you can also access monthly renders, early access and all other rewards with your subscription directly from Discord). I will however post all of the images here in a collection here for everybody with access to the NSFW version when the advent calendar is done, so you'll be able to keep any pictures of the girls you like.

and the link to join Discord is here: Thanks for your new and continued support!


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