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Week delay to Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.1 to add some more content.

Hello everybody,

I'm really sorry but I'm going to delay Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.1 until next week, Friday the 14th.

I've just played through what I've added for Vanessa, Tiffany and Sophie and whilst I think the individual scenes are quite good, when I test-play through the whole thing together it just feels a bit short and a bit rushed. Whilst I always planned for it to be a small update for them as they'll be getting more scenes with the main Monday update, I think an extra 100 or so renders across a couple of scenes will help build the Vanessa/Player/Tiffany relationship a lot and also make the update feel more worthwhile.

So I want to spend this weekend adding in an extra couple of scenes with Vanessa and Tiffany and expanding on the player's new role within the household, and adding in some more choices to be able to define that relationship your own way.

Whilst I'm doing this I've also been reminded of a couple of outstanding things I also need to add with Stephanie, which will take me another couple of days to do, so I think it makes sense to delay the update by a week, add in the new Vanessa/Tiffany scenes, finish all the outstanding Steph work, and then with everything outstanding completed, I can focus completely on going forward with the story on Monday for v.0.16.2.

New additions to v.0.16.1 will be:

Extending the Island ending from the current 330 renders to roughly 500 renders and adding in two new scenes with Vanessa and Tiffany.

Stephanie's Hard Drive will now be accessible with v.0.16.1, if you choose to view it, adding in a new gallery and about 50 images.

Regular Stephanie's story scenes on Sunday - 20ish renders bringing Regular Steph in line with all the other routes ready for thew game to continue with v.0.16.2.

Extended motorway scene if you had dated Stephanie before the traffic stop, but didn't break her heart - <10 renders, fixes continuity error of Steph forgetting who you are.

Non-toy path for Saturday night with Bimbo Stephanie - no new renders, splicing of scenes, purpose is to allow people not into the toys to skip it as promised, that's all.

Apologies about this, I appreciate its annoying to delay it the day before but as many of you know I usually drop updates literally an hour or two after I'm done rendering them and it's only today I've finished all of the renders for what I originally had planned and put everything together, and it just doesn't feel quite right.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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