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Website Pricing Changes for New Subscribers Only - Effective May 5th 2022

Hello all!

I've previously posted about this on Patreon & SubscribeStar regarding the upcoming pricing changes for the future, and these will change on the website too.

First and foremost, if you already are on a monthly subscription, absolutely nothing will change for you. Your price will remain fixed, your benefits from your subscription will remain the same and this will never change for as long as you're subscribed.

So if you're already subscribed, everything below is irrelevant to you for as long as you remain subscribed and you can ignore it.

If you're not subscribed then I'm making several changes. Content delivery has improved enormously since the original pricing way back in 2018, and my prices have remained fixed since 2018, this is the first change to any of the subscriptions other than the old £1 monthly.

So going forward from 00:01 BST (GMT+1) 05.05.22 for new customers:

Day 1 Early Access will now be available to £10+ Subscribers up from £5+. This package will also include monthly renders and wallpapers.

Day 8 General Access (7 Days Later) will now be available to £5+ Subscribers up from £3, and increased wait from 3 days to 7 days.

Public Releases will be 21 Days after Day 1 for each update (so Day 22) this is a change from 7 Days later (Day 8).

£25+ will gain an additional vote on monthly renders (via Discord), but this package will otherwise be unchanged.

All other packages will no longer be available to new customers.


"Hey there, I'm already a £5 Subscriber, what does this mean for me, will my plan end, my price change and when will I get v.0.13?"

Your current plan will continue until you cancel it, and you'll continue to get all the current benefits until you do at the same price. So you will still pay £5 a month, and you'll get Day 1 Access to v.0.13, and you'll get Day 1 Access to all new updates and pay £5 a month until you cancel.

"Hey there, I follow you but I wanted to subscribe before the next update, can I still sign up?"

You can sign up until the end of May 4th and you'll get the current prices, and remain on them until you cancel.

"I only pay to receive the updates, I don't want to do a monthly subscription, what does this mean for me?"

The updates will now cost £10 to sign up and get Day 1 Access.

"I can't afford don't want to pay, can I still get the update?"

Absolutely, Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13 will be free to the public on June 6th 2022.

Other Details:

How this will work technically, is that the subscriptions available to buy will be hidden and new ones with the new benefits will take their place, so I will stress again, absolutely nothing will change if you're already a subscriber!

Crypto will become £10 to access the game, however please remember this is not automatic. If you purchase it via crypto firstly the transaction needs to be processed and verified by the crypto agent, and then I need to manually send you your download link. It will not be instant and if done late at night in UK Time, won't be until the following day.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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