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v.09.1 News


v.09.1 will be out shortly, hopefully in a few days time.

This is going to be adding the phone to the game and will replace all the existing social media interactions so far.

Originally I was just going to add the social media aspect of the phone, and then go back and unlock things such as saved photos, messages, emails etc, however after having a think about it this means you'd have to replay the entire game just to have the ability to send a message on Day 3 you might have missed otherwise, and I think that would be annoying.

So I'm going to release it with all the features unlocked, which is why it is taking me so long.

This will also contain fixes to the bugs I've been made aware of and add a couple more renders to Steph's slave path to bring it to the same ending as the others.

Thanks for all the patience and continued support!


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