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v.09.1 Development Progress

Hello, here is an update on how everything is going so far for the v.09.1 update.

Completed So Far!

Social Media - Complete!

Social Media in the game has been completely redesigned and now several girls have interactive profiles including galleries of all their current posts along with many newly created images for this update.

Ellie, Samantha, Emma, Chloe, Tanya, Jenna and Fleur all have complete profiles and all have new images!

Banking App - Complete!

One of the smallest additions that is more of a gimmick than anything substantial, but a new trackable money system is now in the game, although there isn't going to be a money grind ever in Defending Lydia Collier, this was a good thing to get up and running for the future and experience.

Messaging - Complete!

A new SMS function has been added to the game that will enable you to increase relationship scores and communicate with characters even if you're not able to be with them at the moment. It also lays the groundwork for communicating with some not-yet met characters in future updates.

Phone Photo Gallery - Complete!

The Phone's Gallery is now complete, any character's that sends an image to your phone will have a folder appear and then a gallery launched when you click it so you can view them.

Bugs and Grammar Fixes - Complete!

All of the issues that have been raised with the last update are now resolved.

The Almost Dones...

Apartment Laptop, and revamped and menuless websites and tablets:

The foundations for the websites are now all completed and currently, I'm just working on fleshing this out and creating the new content to add some depth to the game.

If the character's backstories interest you then you'll find points after certain conversations and events where you can go and read up on them if you wish.

You'll also find the daily news articles and the ability to check previous days added, along with galleries for all the CCTV evidence you may gather, statements and other information to do with Lydia's case, and the office computer will now be interactive, along with a laptop at the MC's home that will become available should you be there with nothing else going on.

The WIPs:

Small amount of new renders & Improved Interview Scene:

As I've been going back from the beginning to code the entire phone in, there are several new ideas and improvements also coming throughout the earlier days.

Primarily for the game's main story I'm bringing in a new character earlier than planned. As the story develops you'll have the choices of who you want to be helping you with the mystery. Would it be best to trust in Vanessa and the local Police? Connie and your old friends in the City? Bilbo, Jim and the Veterans? Or go it alone?

Taking inspiration from the ending of Mass Effect 2, where decisions such as your fireteam captain and how much they trust you could result in a success or a tragedy; who you have with you, how much they trust you and how far they're willing to follow you will have massive effects on how the story ends, and I'm introducing some points where you can begin making those connections in earlier days with some new characters and new scenes.

I'm also adding new renders for some of the earlier scenes and adding more choices, perhaps instead of spending the night alone watching TV, you wanted to go and see if Yennifer was still at her bookshop in the evening because you went to check the CCTV during the day?

Now you'll be able to.

So that is where I'm at so far.

v.09.1 is going to end up being a big update both content-wise and technically, with loads of new content for the previous days and a base to just add in messages, news, pictures seamlessly in the future.

Whilst I get replaying a game you'd already played the current content in, isn't for everybody, I'm going to be adding in everything now so in the future you won't need to go back, and I won't be saying "Oh I wish I'd added this in back then!".

With all the foundations laid, right now is just waiting for the new renders to finish and finding my calling as a journalist creating all these articles.

Thanks for all the continued support, and if there is anything you feel would be a good change or addition whilst I'm working on these parts, let me know! :)


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