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v.0.13 Progress (2,383 Renders done so far)

Hello everybody!

Here is the latest on v.0.13 and how it is going.

So far, 2,383 renders are completed, along with 3 animations, meaning if I dropped the update tomorrow it would be nearly 1,000 renders bigger than the previous record high update, but there's still plenty more to be added until it is done.

I've very nearly finished Lydia's path now, along with Jenna's and one of Ellie's paths. Bimbo Steph's render count has gone down from the last time? On the graph yes, in reality, no. Unfortunately I "copied" the 215 frame animation (all the images are renders separately for animations) into the animation folder whereas I thought I had, and intended, to move them. This meant when I went into the Steph folder to get the previous total by just reading the amount of images in the folder, it included 215 renders for the animation. I've now taken them out and all the animations are counted separately now and not included in any of the counts.

Thanks for your patience with this, in reality it is likely to be another month or two before the update is fully completed. I've still got tons more scenes planned for Ellie's path and Vanessa's, although Vanessa has the benefit of being nearly entirely outdoors on the island which means her path will render a lot quicker than anybody else's thanks to sunlight.

Whilst it will take a while, this update is going to be bigger than my first 18 months worth of updates for the game combined, so I'm certain it will be worth the wait!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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