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Slight Delay (Three Days) to 18th May to extend a scene and make more renders.

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately I am going to have to announce a very short delay to v.0.13 to give myself an extra couple of days to make some more renders for a scene nearly all the Alpha Testers have complained is too short.

Everything was going really well for this update, however I've now had feedback from my 4 Alpha Testers and 3 of them, without consulting each other because they don't know who the others are, have all mentioned and complained that one particular scene which is on multiple paths feels jarringly and noticeably short and needs to be extended.

The really last thing I want to do after six months real hard work and in an update of over 5,000 renders have people remember it as "yeah it was good but that one scene was really short/sucked and kind of ruined it." , especially when an extra few days rendering would completely fix that complaint.

So starting up rendering again tonight and over the weekend I should be able to get an additional 50-150 renders made by Monday-Tuesday significantly extending the scene.

Apart from that, everything else is ready to go with the update. Bugs are fixed, the gallery works, new Computer UI works, everything else is done, this delay is just so that I can get this one scene perfect. It means v.0.13 will go from 5,104 renders to 5,200-250ish.

So I really apologise for the delay and I know some people will have been wanting to play on Sunday and this will completely ruin their plans and I'm really sorry for that, but the silver lining is that v.0.13 will be slightly bigger and overall a lot better!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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