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Shadows over Manston Retold Part 3: Release Date!


I am very happy to announce that the 3rd Installment of Shadows over Manston Retold will be released Sunday evening (June 28th)!* and will be several hundred renders long.

Regarding version numbers etc, Shadows over Manston was beforehand I believe v.18, and then became part two, going forward this update will be The Manifest: Shadows over Manston v.20, and updates will become v.21, v.22 etc. This will enable a clear differentiation from the previous updates before the "Retold" changes which are not compatible with the retold version.

I encountered a bug I was unaware of in doing this update, in which some of the relationships, Penelope's in particular, were not tracking progress as I intended them to. I have fixed this and it should not break any saves, however it will not alter the progress if you're already past them which means you may not see certain scenes without a restart for these paths. 

*unless I finish it before then, in which case I'll release it right away

Thanks for all the continued support!

White Phantom

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