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Shadows over Manston migrated to this website

All content regarding Shadows over Manston (The Manifest) has now been moved from Patreon onto this website. Whilst as many people will know Shadows over Manston is on indefinite hold, there is still a fair amount of content to it and should anybody have the urge to re-download it or play it again the links are now here.

Please keep in mind the current game in development is Defending Lydia Collier and therefore any bugs or problems found with Shadows Over Manston will not be addressed until it has come off of indefinite hold. As previously addressed this will not be at any point before Defending Lydia Collier is complete. Therefore please refrain from sharing any bugs (although it is to my knowledge relatively bug free) in the forum as this is for Defending Lydia Collier only.


White Phantom

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