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October Progress

October Update

Hello everybody!

Just another update.

v.0.12 Progress

v.0.12 is turning out to be bigger than initially planned as I've added quite a long Steph scene down one path, where originally I had planned for her to not really be in this update. It should be done roughly by the middle to the end of this month, it will definitely be over 1,000 renders long and add in multiple different adult scenes as well as continuing the story further with another set of missions taking place. It will now be either the biggest, or second biggest, update the game has seen so far.

v.0.12 will contain the big code overhaul and fix multiple bugs as well at the same time, it will be bundled together as I've now added in several elements of Vanessa's path to the code to implement a new device, so it can't really be released without v.0.12 accompanying it.

What else am I doing?

In other news, as your support here has grown even more, I'm now investing in a second new machine to update my old, old machine that I was doing some custom renders on (which basically took all day) going from a GTX 780ti to a 12GB RTX 3060. The first things made on this machine when it arrives will be October's "Schoolgirl Theme" renders for $10 Patrons. In terms of how I work at the moment, I generally set up and queue a series of renders on the two main machines in the morning, do the first, leave them to render, move onto the second, and then once they are done in the evening, repeat this, queue them and leave them to run overnight. These machines are just doing this 24/7. During the middle of the day whilst they render away, I do other day to day life things and make any custom stuff on the oldest machine (which I'm replacing) and leave it to go all day and night until it is done, and also when it is time to put everything together, this is the time I do all the coding, dialogue writing etc. With the new machine, instead of all the custom stuff taking a week to do 3 images, it should now all be done within a day, which leaves me with a machine I now have some more time on. On top of this, it also means I'll have a machine I can create some promotional images on this to prepare for things like the final release.

Generally this time of the day is also when I do all the human things like watch some TV, play video games, go to the gym etc, but I've decided I want to use this time a bit more productively and this machine should let me start to progress a bit more in terms of 3D modelling. I've found a couple of blender courses I'm going to be completing to help with environments for the next game, so I might share some of them and maybe eventually make some concepts so I can start working on the new stories. Defending Lydia Collier's story has been done for months, and I'm somebody that constantly imagines new ideas so its better to have something to focus on than just think of random stuff to add in. A bit problem I have with Daz3D (the software I currently use) is creating the world at large, and I'm hoping to be able to create much better outdoor scenes once I've gained some knowledge for the next game.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and I'll be back in probably ten days or so with the release date for v.0.12!


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