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New v.0.13 Roadmap

New v.0.13 Roadmap

Hello all,

As I've been saying on Discord (join Discord for all the latest news), unfortunately I'm still having problems with v.0.13.

They're not problems with bugs and stuff like usually happens, it is problems where I'm playing through it and saying "this needs a couple of extra renders", "this needs a couple of renders", how's the MC getting from A to B, he's teleporting and we need a new scene, and whereas usually I can just cram that in during the last week, this update is over the five times the size so I'm finding over five times the amount of bits and I haven't left myself enough time, I've left myself the usual week which is never normally enough anyway.

The good news is, the full update for Ellie, Jenna and Lydia is virtually done. There's a couple of really small things I need to do and then it is ready to go. I've been trying all day to finish them buy I am on the verge of falling asleep and making as many errors now as I am fixing. So that update will be out early tomorrow, it will be over 2,000 renders long (so bigger than any other update released so far) and will be complete for those three characters.

I'll then release the remaining characters as expansion packs basically, so by the time you've finished your Ellie playthrough, Bimbo Steph's will be out, and then Regular Steph's etc. I can't add the gallery without all the scenes because it will become bug heaven when somebody tries to use it on a scene not yet in the game, so that will come after.

I'm also a bit stuck with the news articles and the game's main story, because the keen eyed players will need to ask old and new articles to make sense of what is going on, but I don't have the capability of launching the old laptop without bugs. So I need to redo the entirety of the old news sites with the new code.

All of these will be drag and drop updates if you've already got the game!

Then I'll add achievements to the game, and that's the road map for the next month.

I am hugely sorry for the delays, I don't enjoy delaying the game and I'd love nothing more for it to all be out, but I just can't release something when I know there's something in it really bugging me that I'm aware of at the time, and some of these scenes just need some more here and there.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and apologies once again for the delay!


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1 Comment

May 22, 2022

Is that Sunday next week then?

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