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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! - December Update

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas have a joyful rest of the holiday season and a happy new year! 

If you're eligible for wallpapers check the other post for all the Christmas renders in 4/8k to download!

As some of you may know from Twitter/Discord I'm still without proper internet at the moment and have only just got 4g back on some networks so sorry for being quiet!

The phone networks in my area decided to switch 3g off at the beginning of December, messed it up, took down 2g/4g/5g as well and still haven't fixed it. Two networks, O2 and Vodafone, neither of which are my usual providers (Three and EE were my main and my backup) have fixed their masts so I'm using PAYG Dongles with them atm to get back online but the speed and signal really isn't good with those two, which is causing a huge pain trying to download/upload and do a lot of the things I traditionally do and need the internet for, things you don't even think of like lightroom presets, downloading asset updates etc.

So because of this I've just been rendering this month as that's all I can really do at the moment. I'm going to be releasing v.0.16 in January which will have all the remaining content for Sunday for both Jenna and Ellie. 

Unfortunately I can't even put an eta on the coding changes because I need to get them uploaded/thoroughly bug tested and still need to access a lot of my online references/guides to finish things off, but I struggle to even buffer a video at the moment, so this is just postponed at the moment until they fix the internet in my area. If any of you are a really high level guy at Three Mobile or EE, please fix the 5g!

Going into 2024 should see the completion of DLC, but I'm going to be making some changes to tiers as some of the current rewards I'm not doing and to make them a bit more worthwhile, there are no changes to access to updates, just the additional rewards. 

There will still be occasional polls and other things I'll do, this is just what will be guaranteed each and every month for each tier in addition to your current update early access.

Changes to $5 and below:


Changes to £10: 

Monthly renders and votes aren't being done so this will be removed as a reward.Will be making a new 4k e-calendar featuring a different girl each month and will have access to this.

Changes to £25:

Customs are going to be removed, simply put they take up a monstrous amount of my time and I want to focus this on development instead. 

If you already signed up as $25 before now and haven't claimed your custom but you want it, don't worry, I will still absolutely 100% honour your custom and make it (custom queue has now been cleared so new ones will be made after v.0.16's release) when you request it, this is just for new sign ups going forward in the new year.

Monthly renders and votes aren't being done so this will be removed.

Will be making a new 4k e-calendar featuring a different girl each month and will have access to this.

Alpha Testing access for v.0.17 onwards provided you have been signed up for more than 3 consecutive months at this tier and request it.

Reason for the time factor here is that I don't want somebody signing up at this tier, getting alpha access and then sharing a bugged build before I can fix it, you also don't have to do this, just if you want to. Current people will continue to do this as well, this is additional people if they want, not replacements for you guys.

Monthly vote for a group custom render (that will also serve as an in-game collectible image) and a suggestion room in Discord where you can put your ideas and I'll add suitable ones to the next month's poll. 

These changes will go live tomorrow or the day either so you can edit pledges/cancel/downgrade/upgrade as you wish prior to January's billing cycle.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and look out for v.0.16's release date which I'll post after the New Year!


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