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May's Poll (Sci-Fi/Futuristic Theme)

Good Afternoon!

Lydia and Fleur won April's Poll which was Car Girl Themed, thanks to everybody that voted and the images are now out!

May's Poll will be for a Futuristic/Sci-Fi set of images to celebrate Mass Effect Remastered coming out this month, as it was the series that really made me want to make my own games and remains a massive inspiration


The top two will win, and in the event of any ties, the girl with the least images so far will win.

Thanks for supporting me at this level!


If you're a supporter at the £10 or more level, you can vote in this, however, the votes are done in Discord! Please go to Discord ( and to the "website votes" section, and react to the name of the people you want to vote for. If you don't yet have the Discord role, please DM me in Discord with the email address you signed up with on this site and I'll assign you the role.

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