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Just a few things I've been working on.

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share a couple of the things I've been learning to do and working on in addition to rendering to try and bring a bit of realism and show some more authentic Britishness you may not see in other adult games.

The story features entirely in the United Kingdom, and one of the major things I've been struggling to find to use in development are assets that look as those they are from the Modern Day UK.

Nearly everything to do with Police in the 3D World appears to be American, and whilst TITAN are fictional and I can kit them out however I want, I wanted the remaining British Police to look a bit more like they do in reality.

So I purchased a 3D BMW, took it through Blender and then re-textured it completely to look like something resembling what you'd see today in the UK. I've then done the same with combining and retexturing several military or Police uniforms to create the more modern tactical Police uniforms seen by Police Officers out and about.

Think all in all they've come out pretty well.

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