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End of June Progress Report!

Hey guys,

Just to let you know how it's going:

v.0.10.2 is going to revamp the team selection with GUI changes, I've commissioned some artwork for some icons to help show character strengths/weaknesses for the new mission system and it will be out as soon as these are delivered, and this will also fix several bugs. This new screen will show you the characters for each team, along with weaknesses and strengths and then during the weekend when you are with your LI you can choose who to send on certain tasks.

v.0.11 is about half done! I'm hoping this will be complete mid-July. It won't be as big as v.0.10, but will still see a fair bit of new content before leading into the big weekend.

Thanks for the ton of new supporting and as always everybody already subscribed, it means a great deal and makes me even more determined to create the best game/story I possibly can.

Also, hope everybody is enjoying the Euros! Steph definitely is (at the moment anyway, this post could go terribly)! :D


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