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v.09.1 News

Hi Guys,

Just an update about v.09.1, this is actually going to be quite a big update in terms of what is added, although it isn't going to progress the story.

Here are some of the things coming so you know what I'm working on and that will be coming and will be retrospectively added to the beginning. As I've been making this update I've decided to add a lot of new stuff, way more than planned 2 weeks ago, so it is taking longer.

The reason I'm doing this is I don't want to release an update and say "Look at these new features", and then two weeks later release another update and say "Look at these new features now" and everybody go "Huh? I just started a new game for the last update, now I've got to do ANOTHER playthrough from the beginning?" and then two weeks later do it again. I feel that would be far more frustrating than just waiting for it in one go.

Coming in v.09.1:

Social Media


Banking App and Money (although this is a tracker mainly for myself to get used to using for future content/games and to gain some experience, no money grind or anything like that will be added to this game.)

Phone Photo Gallery (for any images you may be sent.)

Replacing menus in the earlier days (no more "Click to see fullscreen or skip" in scenes such as the interview.)

Revamped News Websites (again, no more "Click to see this", they'll be interactive.)

Improved Interview Scene (will now be options not to let the Detectives lay into Lydia so hard and to intervene.)

Apartment Laptop (will be able in some situations to use the apartment laptop to re-read news articles, view CCTV and evidence, and to look up characters and their backstories.)

Bug and Grammar Fixes

Small amount of new renders (these will primarily be small fixes on earlier days, along with lots of new images into the social media app)

So overall v.09.1 is going to be a very technical and world-building update. I know for some people me taking the time to work on this is going to be disappointing as you may just want more fap material, but I like my games to have stories and I feel some of these scenes if you choose to go through them will add a lot of character depth.

Thanks for all the continued support, and whilst I don't really do "technical updates" and the game has played the exact same from The Manifest v.01 to Defending Lydia Collier v.09, I think this is going to make everything a lot more interactive and will be a big improvement!


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