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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.15 - 2)

Good Evening!

Here is this weeks development log!

Firstly, big news!

Defending Lydia Collier has now had its store page approved on Steam!

Check it out and please add it to your wish list if you can!

For people currently subscribed, stay tuned! I just need one final review from Steam to conclude and I'll be able to announce my plans for what is happening when it comes to linking here and Steam together.

Now, onto v.0.15's Progress!

I've made 51 renders for the next update of Defending Lydia Collier this week.

Progress is significantly slower this week because I've had to make all the environments and people. Needed to make the guests of Tiffany's fiancé, needed to make the wedding venue and test all kinds of lighting, sort the wedding clothing, make and light the marque for the meal afterwards, create a DJ, make some waitresses and that all took a fair bit of time.

That is now all done though, so I'm hoping to have the wedding itself done over the course of the next week and then get on to the evening.

Halloween Renders will be out shortly!

There won't be a BETA Scene for v.0.15. I'm planning on having v.0.15 out next month and v.0.14 came out this month so there isn't going to really be time for it.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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