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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.14 - 9 & Previews)

Hello everybody!

Here is this week's development log for Defending Lydia Collier.

It has been a very productive week, with 203 renders and one 216 frame animation made, bring the total to 1,735 renders made for v.0.14 and two animations. Jenna is now completed, joining Bimbo Stephanie, Emma & Samantha, and I'm now working on Regular Stephanie, Lydia and Ellie's content for the next update which I hope to have completed in the next week or two.

Once that is all done, I have some story stuff to add in, a lot of which is primarily text and code based, and then all of the UK based content for the next update is finished and this part of the update will be passed to the Alpha Testers whilst I work on the content on the island and Tiffany's wedding.

For £10+ supporters, the monthly renders in a "Fallout Theme" have now been released and the polls are up for next month, don't forget to join Discord and send me a DM so I can add you to the voting room! September will see the characters in a Fantasy Theme.

This month's BETA will feature Emma at the Gym, and will be released on Monday/Tuesday.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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