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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.14 - 2) & Previews

Hello everybody!

Here is the second weekly Development Log for Defending Lydia Collier v.0.14.

So this week I've been continuing working through the storylines with new content for Samantha, Emma and Bimbo Stephanie. I've now finished all of Samantha's Solo Content, and as I mentioned last week this month's BETA scene will involve some of her stuff and be out later this month. So far I've created a short animation and now 404 renders. I've mentioned before v.0.13 was going to be the biggest single update and took just over six month's of development, v.0.14 will be in the 2000-3000 mark and slightly smaller, although still very large by AVN standards. So we're about 1/6th of the way there so far.

In addition to this I've also been working on putting the game on Steam. I can't say too much about this at the moment as my game isn't yet approved, and I don't want to promise things and then it get rejected, however if you haven't seen the new trailer I made for the Steam Store you can check it out below and there will be more on this once it is hopefully approved.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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