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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress (v.0.14 - 10 & Preview)

Hello everybody!

Here is this week's development update on the next release of Defending Lydia Collier, v.0.14.

I've now made 1,757 renders for v.0.14, up about 20 renders on last week.

"Why so few renders!?" - As part of the change following v.0.13's catastrophe of a release, I decided that rather than doing all of the renders first and then doing all the coding, editing and writing at the end, - usually with a looming self-imposed deadline coming up and causing a rush and awful release mess - instead I would focus more on completing the update as a whole.

So this week I have completed most of the coding, post-work and dialogue for the update. If you want to check out what I've been working on, £10+ supporters can see all the complex, for me, coding for Samantha's Streams now completed, tested and working in BETA Scene 1, and then there is a general teaser of that was just released with BETA Scene 2 featuring Emma at the Gym.

I now can see some areas that need a few extra renders, and where to add a couple of small scenes to make everything flow more smoothly. So I'll be adding these in, then once Regular Steph and Ellie's personal scenes are finished, the UK Part of the UK will be ready to go to the Alpha Testers.

That also means with the update coming up that it is time to think about the menu. I quite like v.0.13's menu, and I think that menu will probably be the final menu, however I like having distinctive different ones each update so you can immediately tell you're in a new version of the game.

There will be a poll going up shortly after this for anybody who supports the game at an Early Access Tier of some level, and the winner of this poll will get a nice solo render made to serve as this update's menu. I've just noticed my webhost provider has now added the ability to add polls! So you'll now be able to vote on the website and these votes will be added to the final result which is combined with all sites.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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