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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Progress & Release Date (v.0.15 - 6 & Preview)

Hello everybody! Here is this week's development log.

I've just passed the 500 render mark for this update, and it will feature the longest adult scene in the game (formerly held by Bimbo Steph) with more than a whopping 200 renders in one encounter!

I don't like showing NSFW content as previews, and every single render I've made the past week has been NSFW, so here is another of Sophie. With now three of the major scenes done, I'm going to set a release date for this update of December 10th at 1900 GMT. It will go into Alpha Testing slightly before then, however with no coding other than the basic story and choices this update this will just be typo testing so I don't anticipate this being a real issue.

For $10 Supporters, I'll be releasing the Bimbo Renders on Sunday.

For next month, there won't be any monthly renders, instead I'll be releasing a White Phantom Games advent calendar. There will be two variants, one non-nude and available to the public, and one NSFW and available to anybody with Day 1 Access.

I've picked the girls for December 1-22, so the monthly polls will be up shortly once the Bimbo Renders are released, and they will be to decide Miss 23rd ($10+), Miss Christmas Eve (Legacy) and Miss Christmas ($25). As most girls will already be featuring in the calendar anyway, whoever wins gets the day and I'll just vary the themes if the same girl wins more than once.

There will be a BETA Scene this month, however I don't want to spoil the update so it will be SFW and just the build up to the wedding. This will be released on the 30th.

I'll start doing Steam Keys in the week prior to the release, so please DM me from the 5th of December onwards if you're eligible.

Thanks for all the new and continued support! WP


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