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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Development Log

Hello everybody,

I've now caught up with all the very overdue custom images, sorry for the delay on these!

For anybody who sent a request more recently and I said it would be done after v.0.15.7 this is still the case and they'll be made once that update is released, I haven't forgotten about you, these were just from prior to the recent updates requested early in the year!

A few people have mentioned recent updates had been very adult content orientated and not much else has happened outside of that, and this seems quite true. So I'm currently working on a couple of new scenes one with Tiffany and one with Vanessa where there's a fair bit of character building as well as the adult stuff so you can get to learn a bit more about them. Some of it is still quite adult but it isn't just sex now!

I've also had a few people mention they'd like a Tiffany path where you took a more concerned role in looking after her without sleeping with her and so you would be staying loyal to Vanessa. I think this is a good idea so I'm also going to be adding a small split path where you'll now be able to take Tiffany safely back to the Island, put her to bed and then return to the hotel and continue with whoever you're going after there.

I was trying to light the beach for a night scene which didn't go too well, will be relocating that to somewhere inside the hotel, so here's a picture of Kylie at the beach instead, enjoy!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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