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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Development Log

Hello everybody,

Here is this week's development log for Defending Lydia Collier.

As I unfortunately expected, I didn't get my icons made and now have a refund coming in 5-7 business days. It's really annoying as now I've got to find somebody new to make them, meaning I can't finish what I was doing for now.

So because of that v.0.15.6 is still coming but it will now be a Wickes focused update with new content instead of a UI update which will come later.

Defending Lydia Collier's v.0.15.6 update will contain:

Ellie's new solo evening, including a meal and an evening out in London and a night together away from Ellie's home (approximately 250-350 renders featuring a 100+ render adult scene, one scene still to be completed).

Helena's new solo content, this will include the scene from the BETA and the second scene that is currently locked, along with some more later content (300-350 renders, featuring two different 75+ render adult scenes, one very small new scene still to be made) should you choose to let her stay the night.

Emma's new solo content, including Emma's first overnight stay (175-200 renders, featuring a 100+ render adult scene, one small scene still to be completed), a large portion of this scene will be released later this weekend in the July BETA update.

And a couple of renders of Samantha, although no full scene for her is planned as part of the Sunday evening updates.

v.0.15.6 will be solely focused on the Wickes' as I have the vast majority of these renders ready to go.

That will mean that v.0.15.6 will end up being 750-1000 long in total, and it will released on Saturday 5th August.

The BETA for July will be updated as planned this weekend, likely Sunday, but just this weekend as soon as I've finished the last couple of bits.

Thanks for all the new and continued support, and keep your eyes peeled for the BETA post when it updates!



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