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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Development Log

Hello everybody,

This week I've been finished the new Social Media coding, however unfortunately I've encountered a problem that's made me change my plans slightly as the person I commissioned for the new icons hasn't delivered them, preventing me finishing it.

I use Fiverr for all the commissions in the game that I can't do myself, and it has gone very well in the past. Only once before have I had somebody stop responding to me and miss a deadline, and in that scenario I had to go through their Customer Support and eventually get the job cancelled and get a refund. So I'm guessing that is going to be the same outcome here once the "we're trying to contact this person about your order" window ends.

So I've stopped with that for now and I'm focusing on Emma's scene for the BETA, which will be out now next weekend for all $10+ Supporters.

I've also now realised I could do another update similar to v.0.15.5 for Ellie's solo night provided you did not send her with Lydia. I have the majority of the scenes for Ellie, Helena and Emma all created if you're with Ellie but off the Lydia route. This would be slightly bigger than the Lydia update, featuring several non-adult scenes with Ellie, and then adult scenes with Ellie, Emma and two with Helena.

I'll see how getting these icons created goes and let you all know next week with the BETA and I will either make v.0.15.6 the Ellie update with the scenes I've got on that route and then v.0.15.7 with the UI when I sort somebody new for the icons, or if they do deliver my icons I'll make v.0.15.6 the UI update as planned and then a v.0.15.7 shortly after with the Ellie stuff.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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