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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Development Log

Hello everybody!

It is very hot here in the UK, so I hope you're all staying hydrated and here's a visual reminder.

Sophie and Tiffany scenes are very nearly done now, just a couple of bad early renders need redoing and the dialogue finished and that will be it and the BETA update will drop this weekend with the first 100 renders or so of each of their scenes. There will be some more previews of Sophie and Tiffany that I'll release at the same time as the BETA when it releases this weekend for everybody else.

Following this for next week and likely most of the rest of the month I'll be doing all the non-rendering work for v.0.15.5, doing the post work on the renders that I've already made of Lydia, writing the dialogue, sorting out the audio, coding etc and making sure it all flows together and then there will be an update available by the end of the month featuring the full scene with Lydia that is teased currently in the BETA, along with the rest of the evening with her.

This will be the biggest adult scene in the game so far, including more than 200 renders and a variety of things to do in it, along with the discovery of who is in her dungeon and some scheming.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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