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Defending Lydia Collier Weekly Development Log

Hello everybody,

I've been continuing this week working on Tiffany and Sophie's scenes, and these are getting close to being done.

I couldn't decide on which to include for the BETA and as I was working on both at the same time I ended up with lots of renders but neither finished, so I'm going to finish both the scenes and then add them both at the same time. So the May + June BETA will be out in the next week or two and have a 100+ render scene for both Tiffany and Sophie with it.

Aside from these scenes, since moving and now being able to focus clearly I've realised I am sitting on many 100s of renders, and especially Lydia's solo route, it is entirely done.

As there hasn't been a release for a long time now, I'm going do a small Lydia only release later this month, once I've finished the scenes for the BETA and released that. This will be 500ish renders long and feature the full version of the partial scene currently in the BETA, along with the scenes featuring Lydia's prisoner. I'll label this one as v.0.15.5 to make sure it doesn't confuse people with the planned big v.0.16 release that will still be coming soon.

Once that is complete I'm going to focus on finishing off the Social Media as I couldn't really focus on this well at all before (coding is not my strong point) and that should be out in its own update as well before the end of the month.

So that's the plan for June, two big scenes being added to the BETA for Tiffany and Sophie, a release of all Lydia's solo content, and the completion and release of the new Social Media and the new images.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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