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Defending Lydia Collier v.03 Update Progress

v.03 Update Progress (last one before release)

Feel like a cup of tea has been earnt with the completion of the second date for the upcoming v.03 release!

This latest date's render count is much more on target than the first, coming in at 81 renders long making the completed amount of new renders for v.03 currently 246.

All that is left to complete now is the story part, which involves of course Lydia's first court appearance. The game is of course, with TITAN etc, alternate reality, so I've made a couple of minor tweaks to the real world, just to make the game flow better and be more interesting. As much as I like showing the work side of the MC's job, a 50 render scene of different pieces of paperwork won't be happening.

This part of the story is also planned to be about 75 renders long, so I am extremely confident v.03 will be out next week, and I'm hoping the earlier part rather than later. This will therefore be a fairly substantial update at 300+ renders and the second update this month!

As previously mentioned the release will be on Patreon exclusively for $5+ Patrons, which after 3 days it will switch to $1+ Patrons. The free version will be released here on my website

Hope you are all enjoying the game so far!

White Phantom

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