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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16 Development Log - Week 9

Hello everybody, So, I have some big plans and changes to announce for the upcoming update. I'm turning it from a little update into quite a big one. I feel as though I was kind of rushing the game slightly the last couple of months to get it finished, and that wasn't down to me really wanting the game done, I think it was much more due to the stress I've been under as explained last week. Now that's basically gone, I've realised it isn't the game that's making me stressed, it was the environment, and there's stuff I really want to add to the game that I've neglected by trying to speed through it. So, the downside to this is that the update is going to take longer than originally planned, the upside is that the update is going to be considerably bigger than originally planned. I see this update rivalling v.0.13 in terms of content now, ten new adult scenes minimum, and nearly all paths getting new content. I appreciate some people don't want to wait for big updates, so I'm going to be giving some additional rewards to Patrons whilst the development is ongoing, more of that will be at the end. So this is what I'm planning on now adding, warning potential spoilers, skip to next bold to avoid. SPOILERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned scenes: Helena & MC Ellie & MC Ellie, Lydia & MC Lydia & MC Bimbo, Lydia & MC This was the original planned pairings that I've been working on already, a lot of this (eg. Helena & MC multiple scenes, Ellie & MC) is done and multiple scenes are already made. Additionally, I'll also be growing Sunday's existing content with the following scenes: New Tiffany Scene being introduced, and allowing the Player to return to the hotel (to increase night scenes viewed per playthrough from 1 to potentially 2 or 3 depending on choices). The hotel night time expansion will also see new Vanessa Scenes. Opening up a new path where Lydia and Jenna will meet and have an evening together similar to Ellie and Bimbo (big expansion of Jenna's content). New Emma Scene. Ability to have a peek at Steph's hard drive before its destroyed if you want to (not full scenes, but a few heavily requested images of the Marissa era Steph, definitely not for the feint of heart but fully avoidable). Sophie's Social Media has now been made and will be added. Additionally we'll have a Social Media Profile for Mercedes from SoM appearing, and Steph can upload (with the MC's permission) some slutty pictures from her University Days as these two won the recent poll. Now that's a lot of content I'm planning on producing, and its going to take a little while to make. I don't want to quickly finish the game and then after these years working on it end it on a personal sour note because I missed some scenes I wanted, so I'm going to take the time to add them. END OF SPOILERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changing Rewards slightly Now, in addition to that, I'm going to be adding in a load of collectible images linked to achievements. Eventually I want to get to the point where an achievement gives you a bonus image as a reward for unlocking it. I can't get in the mindset of achievement hunters who just want the points or achievements with no other reward, but I personally do like unlocking things like Titles, Mounts, Skins, Easter Eggs, Hidden Scenes etc in other major games, so I want to tie these to achievements so that I'd be motivated to unlock them all if I was in the player's seat. So, so much of DLC's content is hidden behind different paths I really want people to replay it and experience nearly all of it. If you play just one path you're missing about 80% of the game its that branching now and when the game is all done and a year or two later when it isn't talked about as much, I want new players to be able to see that they're missing so much of the game with all this stuff they haven't unlocked yet. So each week I'm going to run a poll, and the winner will get a 4k Collectible Image made and added to the corresponding tier here, and when the update is done, into the game. These will be primarily NSFW or Dressed Up Wallpaper Style. How the polls will go. 1 - Monthly Poll for all Supporters. 3 - A Poll every 10 Days for $10 + Supporters. 1 - Monthly Poll for Legacy Supporters. 1 - Monthly Poll for $25 + Supporters (Multiple Girls Option) You'll be able to vote in all tiers you're eligible for. Monthly Polls will be released on the 5th of each month, and run until the 30th of that month. 10 Day Polls will be the 1st, 11th and 21st. "But Bimbo Steph always wins" - The Winner of the poll at each tier will be removed from the next one at that tier, and then reinstated the one after depending how long development takes (in the case of the 3 10 daily poll, each winner will be excluded for the rest of that month, and then all will be reinstated the next month). For the time being this system will replace the other monthly rewards (except custom images and name in credits). March I'll release a full adult scene as a preview/BETA as well, likely Helena, but we'll see. "Won't this add loads more to your workload and slow the development down?" - No actually, this will streamline things and take up less time than the monthly renders as these will be made in the existing environments, so it will speed development up. I won't need to go and find a good spaceship or a castle etc. Finding, setting up and lighting brand new scenes has actually has been taking up considerably more time than rendering the images themselves the last couple of months, so this will help me speed up development and you'll be getting more images created too, and more chances to get the girl you want featured in them. Thanks for all the new and continued support, and I hope you like the plans for the big new update! WP

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Alk paz
Alk paz
Feb 25, 2023

Glad you decided to not rush the end. :) I've done that myself in life, and it never turns out well. I always think back and feel I could have done better. I also understand the desire to move on to a new project because you can use what you learned on a fresh canvas. The downside is you will regret not doing a better job on the first. I've been there, and I never go back to improve the previous one, I just end up barreling forward. Keep up the great work!

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