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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16 Development Log - Week 7

Hello everybody,

Here is this week's development log.

This past week I've been working hard finishing the social media, coding it and testing it and at the moment it all works pretty well.

With the game drawing towards its end and with the coming additions of achievements and collectibles I want to have this really nailed down when it's released and don't plan on really touching it too much going forward, and I also plan on using this code and system for future projects which is why I've spent a fair bit of time on it.

Alpha Testers will get the Social Media soon, and then I plan on making this February's BETA Release so you can play around with it and see most of the new pictures that have been included.

Here's a choice associated image that can be posted by Samantha, and one of Sophie's pictures for her new profile as the winner of January's poll.

I'll probably do one more poll for another set of additions before v.0.16 is done, so if you have any ideas of what you'd like to be seen drop them in the comments, and if I think they're fitting I'll include them in the next poll.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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Alk paz
Alk paz
11 лют. 2023 р.

Towards its end?? Dude please no!! You have 3 weeks! I want to have loads of debauchery before it ends!! :D I do understand why you are doing so, with all these branching stories it gets more difficult to manage. Plus you can't just draw out the investigation forever, but the Lydia dungeon seems to be a much larger story (if you decide to go there) and could be a distraction from the main case for a bit. Plus, Ellie's path is further in the story, so the first few days you whip through, but the double digit days get more exciting (at least for adult content) I know this update will fill some of Ellie's path, but I did…

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