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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16 Development Log - Week 6

Hello everybody,

So this week I've made some changes to what's coming up, primarily that is cancelling v.0.15.5 (the achievement update) and combining it instead with v.0.16.


Simply put, to avoid annoying masses of people.

In order to get the most out of both v.0.15.5 and v.0.16, you're going to need to restart and play through again. You don't have to for the story and content if that's what your focus is, but if you're looking at unlocking the new collectibles I'm adding and getting all the achievements (which is the only reason you'd want v.0.15.5 anyway) then you'll need to play again from the beginning.

v.0.15.5 was going to add 41 new achievements, and say you wanted to unlock Ellie's achievements, you'd have to do a fresh Ellie playthrough.

v.0.16 is then adding the new social media, which will also have achievements relating to that, new pictures and unlockables. So if you wanted to unlock all of Ellie's pictures that way and get the social media achievements, you'd have to do a fresh Ellie playthrough for the second time in as many updates.

I feel forcing people who want to be completionists to do two playthroughs in two updates is likely to get a lot of negativity focused on the update, instead of the focus on all the new adult scenes, the revamped Social Media and the new features themselves. Alternatively people just will say "I'll wait until v.0.16 then, I'm not doing it twice", in which case it defeats the point of releasing it separately.

So because of that, I'm just going to hold back and add it all in together.

Sorry about this, but I strongly believe it is for the best!

What's actually coming in v.0.16?

I'm quite excited about v.0.16 because in addition to the evening's scenes (which are all heavily adult focused) I'm also finally going to be finishing revamped the computer and sorting out the Social Media.

This will mean you'll get a new desktop site to visit where all of the girls profiles will now be, and I'll be revamping and expanding them with new renders, plus some new profiles. $10 Supporters voted for Sophie to be added to Our Moments last month, so she'll get a page as well with this update.

In reality, that's now a way a lot of people communicate, I'm sure many people have somebody attractive they follow and like their posts, so I want DLC to reflect that.

But I'm also going a bit further, the interactions you have with the girls will also change their behaviour.

If you've been spending time with Samantha and encouraging her to show off a bit more, then she might upload something more revealing. Encouraged Bimbo Stephanie to let people see her in her very short dress, it may appear. Turned Emma into a full on bunny boiler? Then she might decide to follow you and upload something to get your attention.

So even some minor dialogue choices now will have an impact, helping to make the world more immersive and something you're more in charge of. There will also be some new dialogue choices coming to past content specifically for this purpose!

When will v.0.16 be out?

As with many of my updates, v.0.16 has grown significantly from what was originally planned and because of that its going to take a bit longer than expected.

I'm planning now for v.0.16 to have a March release, but whereas before I was planning 3-4 different adult scenes, that will now more likely be 7-8 meaning v.0.16 will end up being quite a bigger update than v.0.15.

As I didn't post January's BETA for $10 Supporters due to the planned v.0.15.5 release, I've put another poll up for you guys to decide on some more bonus content to be thrown into the revamped media! Check that poll for more details.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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1 Comment

Alk paz
Alk paz
Feb 10, 2023

Kinda deleted my comment to replay the current version with Lydia and Ellie (dark path), I didn't experience this the first time around. Thanks for the guide BTW! What you did with Lydia is what I think will happen with Isabella (Bella) from Being a Dick with her locked room. I postulate much what you did with Lydia that she has her (Bella's) husband locked away in a dungeon. I do love that angle and you ended it with a cliffhanger when she opens the garage-like door. Leaving me wondering what happened to Ellie when I left her to "get acquainted" with her. Excellent writing btw. There are some other things like convincing Emma to "get with" Sam. There was…

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