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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.2 will be out Friday!

Hello everybody!

Will be a small update out this Friday, Defending Lydia Collier v.0.16.2.

This is virtually all done so will definitely be out then, this is primarily a bug fix update however there is a small amount of new content coming with it.

Coming with this update: 

Steph's Hard Drive will now be accessible prior to its destruction.

New Ellie nudes for Sunday.

Updated Walkthrough to v.0.16.2.

Entire gallery recoded. (Should restore lost Galleries.)

Lots and lots of bug fixes.

Some notes on v.0.16.2:

It's getting a new version number because there's a load of coding changes, however just to repeat this is primarily a bug fix update, not a content update.

Full builds will come with v.0.16.2 shortly after, I missed these for v.0.16.1 because I'm still on capped mobile data and knew v.0.16.2 would be along very shortly.

In September my contract for this building expires so I will move and have a different office and finally have fibre again and not have to worry about uploading!

Regarding Steph's Hard Drive, the content will not be for everyone, and many will dislike some, if not all, of the content inside of it.

I'm adding it because many people asked for it and I promised them I'd eventually add it a year or so ago. If that turns out to be a good or bad idea we'll see, but at the time virtually nobody said "don't", and a lot of people asked for it, and it's a bit late after promising now to not do it.

Marissa is an extremely evil character, and this is her collection to keep hurting Steph even once she's physically out of her reach, so keep that in mind if you decide to get the hard drive from her and then peer into the abyss.

I've intentionally made it so there are absolutely no flags, branches, achievements or gameplay changes linked to looking at the hard drive, so you won't miss out on anything by just destroying it without looking if it isn't your thing.

Going forwards!

Next will be v.0.17, or Monday in the game, and all paths will rejoin and progress as they did before the weekend! No more individual character updates!

I'm always open to fan feedback and ideas for what you want to see added. Steph's hard drive wasn't planned and is being added due to fan requests, and Ellie's solo hotel route wasn't planned and was added due to them too.

Monday is the last big update focusing on the story and the girls, with Tuesday being the story finale and the epilogues, and I haven't decided yet on all the final non-story scenes for all the girls. So if you have an idea, now is the time to voice it!

Just for your information, some things I will not ever add to DLC, so just don't even ask:


Cuckolding (the Player).*

Stuff that breaks Patreon's ToS.

Pegging (the Player). 

Serious FemDom (of the Player).

*No sitting in a hotel room watching another dude bang your girlfriend whilst you hold your dick Sneako style, not my thing. I don't mind girls ending up with other characters for bad endings where the Player is dead/arrested, don't die or get arrested... SoM had a multi-guy and girl foursome, I am not and never have been a strict "NO OTHER PEOPLE" Dev. However, there will be no path where you just sit back and watch other guys bang your girlfriend because you like it, so no actual cuck requests. There will also be no other "pre-the Player" content like Steph's HDD added now either, I can't see anywhere else that it would make sense to add flashbacks etc.

Positive requests for content resonate significantly more than negative requests saying you don't like something. So if you've got something you'd also like to see, suggest it on Discord, see what others think, and it might just get added in some way or another!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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