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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.15.6 - Short Delay to Wednesday.

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately I apologise I am going to have to slightly delay the release of v.0.15.6 until Wednesday (9th August) because I'm in the process of adding another scene in.

Ellie is a very popular character, and when I was finishing the update on Thursday I really thought the Adult Scene I've created for her for v.0.15.6 is too linear and would only reflect a certain group of players, and would be a bit of a character shift for some people. Helena has two wildly different scenes, Emma has a variety of choices throughout her scene, and then Ellie was just basically A -> B and it felt off that she was getting a scene that, whilst it is a good scene, offered less choice and less renders than what two side characters off of her path were getting.

So what I've done is add a choice in mid-way during the scene to offer two different night scenes with Ellie after the date with her, but I need a couple of days to finish rendering these. I was really hoping they'd all be done as I finished posing them all in the early hours of Friday morning and left the machine to render, but the queue is only at 21/74 and they're just not going to be done tonight or this weekend unless they suddenly speed up.

So far the progress of v.0.15.6 is:

Helena (300-350 renders originally planned) - 339 Renders Completed.

Emma (175-200 renders originally planned) - 252 Renders Completed.

Ellie (250-350 renders originally planned) - 304 Renders Completed - 74 Renders to Go.

This will mean v.0.15.6 will end up being essentially a 1000 render update which is at the very top end of the count originally planned, so hopefully that makes up for the short delay.

I also want to release a second update this month as well as there are two other paths I have routes I feel I could fill in the gaps, finish off what I've already got and complete in 2-3 weeks. I'm going to put a poll up that will run until Friday, and then from Friday onwards I'll work on whichever route wins and have that out before the month closes.

Don't worry if you vote for the route that comes second, each of these routes already have 100s of renders made and just need an extra scene or two and finishing off, so whoever comes second will be release in September.

Once that is released in September, 3000-4000 renders of v.0.16 will have been released and I'll finally be sort of back on track after the disastrous start to the year.

There will not be a BETA for August as there will be this update and v.0.15.7 which will be for you guys to decide. At the moment I've been pumping through renders so the UI update will be 15.9/15.10, I'm not sure yet I don't want to switch back to coding at this moment.

Again, apologies for this and thanks for all your support!


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