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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13 Progress Report

Hello all!

Here's the latest on Defending Lydia Collier's v.0.13 update.

I've now completed 3,277 renders for the latest update (for comparison as that might not mean much to some, the entirety of Shadows over Manston is roughly 2,500 renders, and the average update through 2019-2020 for Defending Lydia Collier was about 400 renders long).

The total update is now planned to be between 4000-5000 long, and I'll give an update release once I'm much nearer completion. With an update this size things like testing and fixes will need a bit more time because its going to be much bigger than usual and I do not want to rush it.

Since last time I've now made significant progress on Vanessa's path which is now over 800 renders long and I'm beginning to work on the evening of Vanessa's path.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!

I appreciate the update is taking a lot longer than usual but this is going to be massive and worth the wait I am certain. Some people have asked, v.0.14 will return to the 1000-1500 render length, this "mega update" is a one off just to add a lot of adult content for all characters.


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