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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13 Progress

Hello all, hope you're all well and enjoying the run-up to Christmas!

Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13 is currently being worked upon, and so far I've done about 500 renders.

As it is Saturday in the game's timeline, this update will be focused fully on the girls with story being added through the computer and reports (which will be overhauled with the new UI by this time).

I'm really not sure at the moment how big this update is going to be, however I'm thinking it is probably going to be between 1500-3000 renders and will be out between the beginning and end of January depending on how long the update ends up being. It will be the biggest update yet without any doubt.

Why don't I know exactly how long it is going to be? As it is all LI scenes, originally an adult scene might have been 10-20 renders, now they tend to be 40-100. If I make them all 100 renders, the update doubles in size versus making them all 40, but I won't know exactly until I get to those scenes and see what exactly fits.

Who is going to be getting scenes in Defending Lydia Collier v.0.13?

Lydia Jenna Ellie Vanessa Bimbo Steph Unaltered Steph plus others!

Additionally v.0.13 will include the new Computer UI, which has:

New Icons New Logos for The Pioneer, London's Herald and Our Moments Completely rebuilt to be much more user friendly for people who want to experience the story, and easier to ignore and progress through for those who do not. Dozens more news stories and web-pages better explaining Ironstar Shipping, Williams Transportation and the other major story organisations. The Gallery finally added.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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