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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12 Progress Report

Hello everybody!

I hope you enjoyed the release of v.0.11.3 and the addition of sound to the game!

I'm currently working on Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12, and here's some news and what to expect from it:

Similar size to v.0.11 - v.0.10 and v.0.11 were the games biggest updates, over twice as long as the 2020 updates and nearly six times as long as the game's 2019 updates. v.0.12 will continue this trend and be of a similar size, aiming for approximately 1000 renders.

Two distinct storylines - v.0.12 - v.0.15 will have completely different storylines for the LIs. In v.0.12 this split begins, with Vanessa's storyline departing to the island for Tiffany's wedding, and Ellie and Steph's storylines remaining in London. Steph has very limited content in v.0.12, she's had the lions share so far, and will be either recovering from working all night or her surgery. This update will predominately feature Ellie and Vanessa, with Steph's own storyline beginning in v.0.13 to split the game into three different LI focused paths for the weekend.

Progress so far - Currently I am about half way through Vanessa's path, and once this is completed will be working on the London path.

Things to look forward to in v.0.12 depending on your choices:

Samantha's first day at work - Ellie's younger sister arrives at the Office, with some potentially interesting changes appearing in your assistant's personality whilst she is around.

Steph returns from Divine Health - Exhausted and needing rest, a different looking Steph will feature in the game from this point, and she's going to very grateful to the person who gave her the new figure that she has already fallen in love with.

Vanessa, Tiffany and Co depart - Going to a tropical island with your girlfriend, her daughter and three of her friends for a short holiday featuring a hen night and a wedding, what could go wrong? Hope you packed some sunglasses that completely hide your eyes!

What is happening at the Montgomery Hotel? - Your team will be back in action trying to get some more clues as to the mysterious meeting and how it relates to Lydia's case.

A night at Ellie's - How are Ellie's sisters and mother going to react to her bringing home her boss for the night? Better be on your best behaviour!

Farah's Wants a Decision - Is it time to stop defending Lydia Collier, and cash out?

Thanks for all the new and continued support!

This increase in financial backing has not only led to me getting a second rendering machine at the start of v.0.10's development, but also means right now rather than looking for a short term pizza job or supermarket etc until I resume my studies in March, I can focus solely on completing the current games, so thank you all!


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