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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12.1 Release Date

v.0.12.1 will be out on Saturday.

Hello everybody,

Just some notes on Defending Lydia Collier v.0.12.1, it will be out to Early Access first as it adds a decent amount of new content (350+ renders), new scenes and new adult scenes and isn't a simple bug fix as originally intended, it is a small update instead.

$5+ Tier Release Date: Saturday 20th November.

$3+ Tier (and Legacy Tier) Release Date: Tuesday 23rd November.

General Release: Saturday 27th November.

Unfortunately changing the computer I've just come to realise is going to take me months. Nothing is templated or or anything like that, so I need to go through and manually edit every single news article, every single website, and that's made me question "Surely I can make this a template or something!?" and suddenly the amount of technical changes I need to learn to do and make is going to take even longer to do it properly. For v.1.0 is important to make sure everything is done correctly, and also gives me the skills to quickly do this in the long term if I learn it. So for now, I'm going to put the new story content into the old computer system, add in Sophie's tablet separately and release a complete, working v.0.12.1.

What will be included:

New adult scene and an extended earlier scene with Ellie. New office scenes with Ellie, Samantha and Stephanie. New evening scene with Jenna. New adult scene with Jenna. New mission scene with Kylie. New mission evidence images.

So v.0.12.1 will add over 350 renders to the game, making it a mini update as such, additionally these improvements will be included with v.0.12.1:

Transparency slider for the text box. Bug fix and complete code overhaul for Chloe's Whistle (enormous thanks to Morbil for helping me with this). Bug fixes for all v.0.12 bugs. New Gallery to replay unlocked adult scenes. New voice acted evidence to advance the story. Complete and up to date walkthrough. Sophie's tablet containing her diary. Audio implemented throughout the day.

What will not be included:

New UI I'm working on to overhaul the computer. This will be added when it is done.

For the future:

What I'll then do is separately keep chipping away at the computer coding change until it is eventually done piece by piece, and start work on v.0.13 at the same time. When the coding for that is all done, I'll just very happily swap out the code scripts and release it separately, it won't be tied to an update.

I'm aware that at this point some people may say "Dude just hire a coder to do it for you". However I really like being able to work on each aspect of the game, even if it means I need to spend time learning new things. If I outsource the code, and the coder disappears (as they'd have to be a freelancer) I'm then in the position of trying to find another coder to do the first coder's work. I've seen other AVNs completely crash and burn because their artist or their writer disappears, and I couldn't think of anything worse than not being able to progress because of a situation like that.

Regarding walkthrough spoilers, I've simplified it and what I consider "Major Spoilers" for future content have a separate page linked to the choice at the very back of the guide. As the content reveals itself in game I'll remove and amend this list and eventually it won't be present in the v.1.0 walkthrough. So if you don't want to see these, don't look, they'll be at the very back with a warning, and you can use the walkthrough otherwise.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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