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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.11.3 Release Date!

Hey all!

The next update of Defending Lydia Collier will be v.0.11.3 Au, the audio update!

This update will be released on Sunday 29th of August 2021 to Early Access Tiers!

This update will add long requested sounds to the game and will feature:

2 New Radio Shows to play at different times of the day whilst in the car, with custom sweepers, adverts and licensed, vocal songs to listen to whilst driving!

Over a dozen different background music tracks, no need to continue listening to the sound of silence whilst your character is working!

Over 50 different sound effects, from cameras, elevator chimes and car doors, all the way to gunshots, these have been positioned throughout the entire game to increase immersion!

Improved transitions in the earlier scenes, as I've been working with the audio, I've been adding fades and improving transitions through earlier scenes to make the game play smoother!

Bug Fixes, this update will also include the update that was originally planned this weekend!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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