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Defending Lydia Collier v.0.10.1 Bug Fix

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Defending Lydia Collier v.0.10 has now been updated to v.10.1, which fixes a few bugs.

Download Links:

Script Files* - Key if needed for Script Files Folder: P79RCeA_Reyf-qgm9IrlBQ

Android - thanks to the66 for the conversion.

*Close the game completely and drag and drop all three files into your existing v.0.10 (ONLY v.0.10 FINAL not BETA/Alpha2/v. game folder, and click "replace all", then launch the game again and it will be updated v.0.10.1.

Change Log:

Fixes multiple bugs and typos.

Full details of all bugs fixed can be found in the "Bug Reporting Only" Channel of Discord.

Thanks for all the new and continued support!


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