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Defending Lydia Collier Update Progress

Hey guys!

Hope you all enjoyed v.0.16.2 and have been having fun collecting the achievements!

I'm currently doing two things at the moment:

Firstly is redoing the walkthrough.

This is taking me a while but I'm getting there.

I've changed a lot of the code since I originally did it so I'm having to go through the whole lot of code line by line to check everything is correct and up to date, add in the earlier achievements etc.

I hate making walkthroughs but it is heavily requested so I will do it, and if you're going to do something, then do it well, no point making it half-arsed.

This time I'm going to have it backed up a million different ways so I'll never have to do this again.

So this will soon be finished and I'll update the in-game file with the new one so you can get it directly from the button in-game, I'm finishing this in bits whilst doing the second thing.

Secondly is I am moving into a permanent new office.

As those of you who have followed for a while will know, I've been plagued by issues with the internet here at the office I rented and moved into last year.

I was misled about this office having fibre broadband, so since near the end of last year I've been using mobile broadband, which is poor in this area, was down for nearly an entire month over Christmas, and is why I've had a lot of trouble doing big uploads and downloading things.

I have been speaking with a relative who owns a big, partially disused property, and they are happy for me to turn one of the larger rooms there into an office. Provided I take care of any work that needs doing, they'll give me a forever lease to use it as an office. So finally now I'll be able to stop constantly moving about and have a permanent, professional office with fibre broadband.

There is a fair bit of work to do, I'm having to get it rewired, then I'm painting it, putting down new flooring, replacing locks, fitting fire doors and alarms etc, so currently for this week and next I am mainly doing this and then I will be moving there at the latest by the end of the month.

That's what I'm up to and doing at the moment, just to keep you all in the loop, and then I'll be getting on with finishing Monday up in the game and finishing DLC!

Thanks for all the new and continued support!



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